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Tips and Tricks for an Eye Catching Real Estate Ad

posted by: Sally in Uncategorized

It’s easy to write down everything about your property but it’s harder to make it more appealing. Not everyone is William Shakespeare and has a way with words but we can give you a few tips to make the job a little easier.
Headline and Titles
This may the only thing that someone reads about your property so you want them to stop and pay attention. Whether it’s a Seaside Stunner, Renovators Delight or a Brand New Two Story Home, anything that can grab the reader’s attention is perfect. Use the positives of the property you are trying to sell and then see if you can make it eye catching/ funny / double meaning. You could even think outside the box with something unusual like this advert we came across from the US. ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?? 14.5 Acres of Wooded Land for HOW MUCH?!
Opening Statement
Give them a reason to keep reading. Let them know what they are looking at and what key features make your property stand out amongst the rest. In 1 or 2 sentences tell the reader what they are looking at i.e. Come see this charming double brick home that overlooks the nature reserve at the end of the street.
Key Features
• List the key features of your property.
• Number of bedrooms (any built-in robes)
• Number of bathrooms
• Size of Property
• Garage / Parking Spaces
• Extras i.e. Pool, tennis court, deck, entertaining area, fireplaces
• Renovations/Upgrades i.e. New kitchen appliances, flooring
• Unique characteristics i.e. Location, views, wine cellar
Property Description
Describe the features of this home in a way that people can picture themselves living in it. This is where you can use details and descriptions to inspire people to want to see your property in person. You don’t want to over play this area by telling everyone how FABULOUS your house is but you do want to give the readers an idea of what it’s like to live in your home.
Closing Punch Line
By now they will be so wowed by your ad they won’t know what to do with themselves so it’s your duty to remind them to take action and take it now!! So think about adding a closing line inviting them to get in contact with you before they miss out.
Hopefully you have enough information here to get started and write yourself an amazing ad to sell the pants of your property. And remember to engage your reader whether it’s by description, humour or pure wizardry. Good luck and good writing!