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Can you Afford to not Sell Your Home Privately?

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Save money!

First and foremost it’s the money you will save. With South Australian real estate agent commissions sitting at roughly 2%- 3%, most sellers are looking at handing over a large portion of the money they make from the sale of the house (A house sold for $350,000 the commission is $7000 based on 2%). Then on top of that there is the marketing fee, for things such as advertising, signs, promotional brochures. While this may not be too expensive and you may have some money returned to you if you sell quickly, this is on top of the commission agents get as well.

Our clients have saved as much as $6000 on the sale of their property – that money they used to put towards the purchase of an investment property.

Be in Control

Secondly it is the control you will have over the sale.  You will always know where you stand during the process, when things are happening and how much you are willing to bargain on your asking price.  Everything is done on your terms.

You are the best information source for buyers 

Lastly, buyers these days are a lot more astute when it comes to properties they are interested in. With more information readily available, buyers are doing their research and know more about the property they are looking at.  As the owner of the property no one knows more about it than you, so what a buyer can’t find in their research, you will be able to supply.

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