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How did Private Property List come to offer a private rental package and what are the key benefits?

So I have the right personality and professionalism to manage my investment property is the main question many potential landlords ask themselves. If you think you do we can help you deliver your property to the market and assist you to manage it privately.

After deciding to rent my own house in South Australia several years back I started by looking at websites such as Consumer and Business Services and so I was up to speed on the relevant Acts and legislation that apply, and could access standard agreements forms and documents such as lease agreements and bond lodgement forms.  There are also short courses available for those who would like a formal qualification in property management.

I really like the idea of having control over our property, which was brand new, and selecting our tenants.  I wanted to meet the people who would be living in it and was looking for someone who liked gardening and would take pride in the neat presentation of their rental house. By meeting them I could gauge whether the area and house suited them and to get an idea of their longer term plans.  I trusted my impressions on meeting with them and speaking to their referees personally, which enabled me  to select the most suitable tenant from the applicants.  Feeling familiarity with each other has definitely generated a mutually respectful relationship which is a great help when dealing with any issues that come up.  I am in complete control over which contractors are engaged should any maintenance be required, and have saved money by getting my own quotes, or using tradespeople that I know are trustworthy and professional.

With the legal information available online and my strategy to select the most appropriate tenant all I needed was to get the property out there.  By out there I mean on I have found the most success by advertising here as it always attracts more interest than other free websites and the applicants seem of a high calibre.  There could be many reasons for this but whatever it is I’m convinced it is the place where most tenants are looking.  Just ask a few of your friends where they tend to look for property.

I was able to market my property on through an online agency outside of South Australia and save almost $2500 per year in management fees.  I could easily see the financial benefit of investors managing their own portfolios.

When we started to put together the concept  of Private Property List we wanted to make sure we were offering a service that could really benefit prospective private landlords.  This is why we offer listings, Corelogic suburb assessments to ensure our landlords know what prices are being achieved in their area, TICA tenant screening and of course support.

Although we believe all the information is available if you know where to look we know It’s handy to have support from someone who has experience and can guide you where to start.

If you are thinking you might like to rent your own home in Adelaide or anywhere in Australia for that matter see our case study below to see how these numbers work out.  You can decide for yourself if you think having a property manager is worth it.

This is a regular South Aussie taking control of his portfolio like I did and saving some cash along the way.

Note: We are assuming 8.8% management  fees, 2.2 weeks letting fee and $135 advertising.Agent will also charge a reletting fee of 1.1 weeks if you resign the same tenant.

Imagine how thrilled our customer was when his property rented for $400 per week after a property manager appraised it at $380.  The table below outlines costing per year.

Fees Agent Cost Our Cost  Annual savings per property
Management $1,830.40
Letting $880.00
Advertising $145.00 $169.00
$2,885.40 $169.00 $2,686.00

Out of interest sake If the agent had let this property for $380 we can take another $1000 out of the vendors pocket.

This customer is planning on expanding his portfolio and taking on the management of all of his properties.  4 or 5 properties would not impact greatly on his time and can potentially put an extra $13k in his pocket.  That’s an extra $13k per year he can invest, use for travel or update the kitchen.

If you have asked yourself ‘Could I rent my own home privately’ give us a call today to see how we can help you out.