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Are you an owner selling a house in Adelaide? I can’t help wondering why more owners do not sell their houses privately in Adelaide. If you haven’t heard of selling privately let me introduce you to South Australia’s first and only for sale by owner agency Private Property List.

Some of the common concerns we have from clients are:

Scary legal stuff, I don’t want to end up on Today Tonight!

The short answer to this is – employ a great conveyancer! You will have a conveyancer representing you and the buyer will have a conveyancer representing them. These guys handle all documentation to complete the sales process – good conveyancer s guide you through every step of the process from the fees involved to organising property searches, signing of contracts, and then effecting settlement. They can help with conditions in the contract, from either party and keep your sale on track for settlement.


We have a network of professionals working with us. We can refer you to a great conveyancer if you don’t have one and are here to support you if you have any legal questions your conveyancer can not help you with.

How do I present the house to show its features?

Homework time! We suggest spending a Sunday afternoon heading out to some local inspections to see how the houses are presented. De-cluttering and cleaning are the 2 easiest tasks and pack the most punch! If you had 3 different opinions on how to present the home you are likely to have 3 different views on what will look good. Get out and about and see what’s working and not working in the neighbourhood. There is plenty of information available online too so get Googling!


If you require professional photography our photographers can advise on reorganising a little to get the best shot. Although they are not home stagers, (I’ll get to them in a minute), and wont spent too much time changing the layout of your home, they do have an eye for detail to capture the best look.

Home staging and pre-sale? home styling is aimed at maximising the appeal of your home and attracting the attention of your potential buyers . We can arrange a free consultation from our professionals for your property, just ask us how .

Managing the inspection and sales process?

You have control over when and to whom your house is shown.
You can point out the best features of your property that an agent might not necessarily be aware of
You know the house’s history – in homes for sale by owners, buyers can talk to the people who live there and can answer any questions on the spot
As above by attending open inspections you will get a good feel for what the agent is doing. See how they approach you, what are they saying and how does it make you feel. Remember you want your buyers to feel welcome and comfortable so what type of behaviour fosters this?


We can help with advising on ideal open days and times, where to stand, best dialogue to use and how to encourage buyer feedback. Our sales pack includes access to brochure templates to create flyers to hand out at your open and we also supply documents like Form R3 (a legal document that needs to be displayed to all potential buyers) and an open inspection attendance record to keep track of attendees for follow up.

Negotiating with buyers?

Total transparency in negotiations when dealing directly with buyers.

How can we help? With our sales package, agent support is included. We are here to support you during the negotiating process and can help you understand the pros and cons of accepting or rejecting offers. This will allow you to be confident in your asking price and give you posture when discussing price with your buyers.

Do private vendors deter buyers?

I don’t believe so and in my experience buyers seem relieved when an agent isn’t hovering over their shoulder offering them all kinds of advice, from telling them they have already received ‘multiple offers’ to ideas for the redevelopment of the building. The trend of agents alluding to these ‘multiple offers’ is now viewed with a little scepticism as buyer are more educated these days. So much information is now available and many of the buyers know what they are able to do with the land/house before they even attend an open and so don’t need an agents telling them what to do and how to do it.

With the number of homes for sale by owners increasing at a rate of knots, it is very common to come across a private sale. Property is also easier to sell privately as there is far less paperwork and more realistic negotiations between the vendor and the buyer..each knows pretty well what their sale price should be.

How do I know what price to ask for?

Draw some comparisons from properties for sale in the area – you can access this via the internet or a local agent. Flawed thinking allows us to get carried away with our asking price – perhaps overinflating it so you have room to negotiate down and still attain a workable price? Setting a realistic price and sticking to it as much as possible is likely to attract more people initially. Let me explain what I mean. Using your purchase price + money you have spent on the property + the local suburb data advising you that the suburb has increased by 7% over the past 5 years doesn’t necessarily reflect the value of your property. Local sold prices does! The market can change markedly even in 12 months so using recent sales data is your best guide.

You can always get an appraisal from your local agent!

Private Property List agents can assist with pricing, drawing from local sales data and trends. Corelogic data reports include recent Sales data including property features, prices achieved, and days on market. As part of our VIP status with blackfish finance we can even arrange a free bank valuation if required.

Has this answered some of your concerns about selling your home yourself?. If you would like more information on selling privately, contact your conveyancer to see how common this really is. Private Property List is a property marketing service assisting private vendors to sell their own property so they can avoid hefty agent commissions.

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