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Frequently Asked Questions…


What can I expect when signing up?
After filling in your details you’ll be taken to a shopping cart for payment. As soon as your payment has been processed you’ll be able to create your profile. You can then start creating your property listing within five minutes of signing up, at any time of day.

How are the payments processed?
PayPal is our company for this. It’s the world’s biggest and most secure online payment processor. We don’t collect or retrieve any of your credit card details as PayPal process all this on their systems. We will simply receive confirmation when the payment has been successful.

Do I need a PayPal account to make a payment?
No, PayPal is just the company we use to process payments. You can use your credit card if you don’t have an existing PayPal account.

Can I pay by EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer)?
Yes you can. In your shopping cart there will be a link to help with your EFT payment. It may take a day to show up in our account. Once we can match up your payment, we will take your listing live.

Are there any hidden costs I should know about?
Good gosh no! It’s just the one up front payment

Do you take any commissions from my sale?
Absolutely not. What you make on your sale, you get to keep. That’s the beauty of selling with Private Property List, it will literally save you thousands!


When do I get access to my profile?
As soon as you make your payment from your shopping cart, you’ll have access to start on your profile. No one knows your property like you do, so get the creative juices flowing and tell us why we should buy it.

What if I don’t know what to write?
Send a draft to us!  When it comes to property descriptions we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly!  Our Sales package includes unlimited agent support includes proofing your description.

When does my property go live on the sites?
We will give it a check through once we receive your signed contract. Then we should have it up within 48 hours.

How many photos can I upload?
You can upload up to 20 photos of your property, as well as any video of your property. You have the freedom to change the order of the photos as well as choosing your display photo.

What quality do these photos have to be?
Your image should be around 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels high. This will create a good quality image that doesn’t take a long time to load. We suggest you use these dimensions for your main image to avoid any cropping on your listing page. You can not upload images larger than 2 megabytes.

Can I resize my images?
Yes, we have sourced a fabulous tool where you can enlarge, reduce, resize and crop your images, RESIZE MY IMAGE tool.

What if I don’t have a camera or phone to take good photos?
No probs, we have a team on board to professionally take the photos for you. They can even provide a floor and site plan for you too. Just check out our Photography packages in the Add Ons.

When can I edit my profile?
You will have access to your profile at all times.

How do get the brochures printed?
We have provided amazing templates for you to produce your own pdf print ready brochures. So you can take them to any place to get them printed or use your very own computer. We also have a great local printer who produces great quality brochures. Let us know if you need a quote. Some of our photography pack include brochures so check these out too.

How do I know if someone is interested in my property?
All buyer enquiries come through our system and are then forward on to you via sms and email. So then you can get in contact with them and start the ball rolling.


What’s the deal with $49 flag costing $199?
It’s not designed to trick you, but we do require a deposit for the flag hire. It’s to cover our butts just in case the flag goes missing. Let’s be honest, they’re amazing and who wouldn’t want one! But we will refund you $150 back once the flag is returned safely to us.

Why get a metal sign if I’ve already got a For Sale sign in my package?
We will give you a pretty amazing sign to start with but if you are looking for something eye-catching with the street appeal of a Porsche, then hook yourself up. We will have one out and assembled at your property within 48hrs.

Do I need professional photos?
You may want a floor plan, you may want your brochure printed for you, you may want the lighting on your property enhanced. If so, we have a few packages for you to select from. Some also say that a picture’s worth a thousand words, so why not get the best pictures in town.


What the heck is a CoreLogic RP Data Comparative Market Analysis (CMA)?
It is a report on the houses sold and for sale in your area. It will give you an idea of your competition. The prices of other properties for sale in your area as well as the ones that have recently sold too. It will also give you any information on your house that it has on file. We will email this to you so you can print it out.

Why does the sales pack include UNLIMITED CMA’s?
If your property is on the market for an extended time you will find value in updated reports.  Having fresh data will give you confidence in revising your asking price or hanging on for the right buyer.

What do I do with this report?
Anything you want! We give it to you so you can prepare yourself with the knowledge of the area and what the market is doing. It can help you price your property to the market or know what is selling in your suburb.

Does it tell me what I should set me price at?
That is totally up to you. The price that you can fetch in the market depends on what someone is prepared to pay for it. Because you know your property, local neighborhood and have most probably been watching the local market  the report is there as a tool to help you arrive at your asking price.


Why sell privately?
Why not? Essentially it’s easy to do and you will save yourself thousands. If you are confident enough to give it a try then you will not be disappointed. We will help you through this.

What’s the difference between the packages?

The difference between the Sales Package and the Licenced Package is the amount of support you will receive as well as the time your package will last for. If you are an experienced seller and don’t need any assistance and only want to advertise for a limited time then the Licensed Package is perfect.  Otherwise, if you would like some support with your write up or putting your photos on, or advice with your open or what add ons you might need then the Sales Package has you covered until you sell your property.

Why use Private Property List when I have to do the opens and negotiate the sale?
To gain access to certain sites e.g., you need to be a licensed agent. And boom, that’s where we come in. We can help you reach a bigger audience, even international if you wanted. This helps more people see your property and get you that sale.

What do I need to do during open inspections?

Apart from using a little elbow grease to get your property to sparkle, you do have to give your potential buyers a copy of a form R3.  This outlines the information or issues that the prospective buyer should consider.  You are required by law to hand this out.  You can find a copy of this form here

We also suggest taking the names and numbers of the potential buyers so you can do some follow up calls after the open.  We have a form for this too!

What if I just can’t do it?
Chin up, if you’ve given it your best and can’t just get over the line? No worries, we have a network of quality agents that can give you a helping hand.

Who does the legal stuff and contracts?
Pop in and see your local conveyancer, they are the professionals for the job. They will handle the contracts and legal work that goes with selling your property.

Why do we sign a contract with you?
Just to lay all our cards out on the table. So you know what you will get from us and what we require from you.

How long am I locked into this for?
Hours if you so choose. If you want out just let us know. Our agreement with you can be cancelled at any stage. You can use other agencies in conjunction with ours if you would like. We are here to help you not handcuff you.

Do I get my money back if I don’t sell my house or cancel my contract?
Unfortunately, you won’t get your money back but we will do as best we can to help sell your house.

How do I contact you?
Slip us an email at or call us on 0407 184 593, and we will happily answer any questions. Even the dumb ones!

Ok seriously, what’s the catch?
No catch kids, it’s really simple. Let us help you sell your house and you keep what you make. Our prices are up front and we are here to help.  We are transforming real estate in South Australia and you can be part of it!


We can! And have a network of agents who can appraise your property and introduce you to all of our products & services!

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